SCOPE galleries

SCOPE Galleries opened its doors as a contemporary art space on December 5, 2009 under the direction of Dr Liza McCosh, a contemporary Australian artist. Located in the seaside city of Warrnambool, SCOPE has been at the forefront of the regional art scene in its aim to cultivate the value and understanding of contemporary art practices to audiences within a regional locale. The gallery has exhibited the work of Australian artists working across diverse media and also founded and sponsored a National Biennial Art Award, The SCOPE Galleries Art Award: Art Concerning Environment (currently in recess). The gallery has 76 metres of hanging space together with excellent lighting and hanging systems to showcase artwork. The gallery is currently not accepting submissions from artists.

Following recent renovations, SCOPE now has the capacity to offer an accommodation experience to art loving couples and artists under the banner of Art Deco Retreat. The accommodation offers clients full access to a modernl kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities while being immersed in a unique gallery setting surrounded by contemporary art. See more details under Art Deco Retreat in the menu options.

SCOPE Galleries is currently open by appointment only.

For accommodation bookings see Art Deco Retreat Warrnambool on Airbnb listing http://airbnb.com/h/artdecoretreat